Do you have the right backup plan in place for business continuity in the event of a disaster? The shift has taken place and 24x7x365 access to information technology has become more and more important, even for businesses that have a normal workday of 8×5. When the workday ends, it doesn’t necessarily mean business ceases. Ecommerce sites are still running, email is still flowing to smartphones and tablets, and people are still fully connected to the workplace. This means that access to your IT systems has become more and more crucial to the success of your organization.

So you are probably wondering what this has to do with backup and disaster recovery. Well, if your systems are down due to hardware failure or disaster, how quickly can you have them back online – weeks, days, hours, minutes? Backups come in many forms and your recovery plan should match your expectations for getting systems back online which is why, at Layered Systems, we utilize multiple backup and disaster recovery solutions tailored to meet your organization needs. In this blog we are going to focus on our BDR solution with Virtualization that will have you back up and running in minutes.

Our enterprise class solution is perfect for small to medium sized businesses because it gets you all the features and functionality that Fortune 500 companies deploy in a cost effective package. Our solution creates image-based backups to regular hard drives that are both local and replicated to remote data centers. This means you have quick local access in the event of a single server failure, as well as secure remote access to your systems in the event of a major disaster.

Let me explain this in a little more detail. You set the schedule on how often you want backups to run – every 15 minutes, hourly, every 3 hours, daily, etc. Every time a backup is run it creates an image that is directly able to boot off of the onsite hardware or off the cloud hardware in a matter of minutes, yes that is right, I said minutes!

As an example, let’s say your file server has a power supply failure at 10:15 in the morning and you were taking hourly backups. Instead of calling your hardware vendor and having your server down for a minimum of 1 day, we boot the file server up off of the BDR server’s 10:00 am backup and you are fully operational by 10:20 am!

For another example, let’s take the scenario that your area has just suffered from a natural disaster and your main facility is not operational, but you have remote facilities and remote employees that could be working if they had access to the information systems. No problem, we can boot up your entire infrastructure in the cloud and have your business operational in a matter of hours.

I bet most of your current backup solutions cannot make these statements. If your business depends on technology and you would like to discuss some of these options in more detail please feel free to contact us, email us, or call us at 800-557-0663.