Windows 11 Is Here. What’s New?

Microsoft recently debuted their new operating system, Windows 11, just over six years after the release of Windows 10. Built on the same foundation as Windows 10, Windows 11 adds new features and streamlines existing [...]

Phishing Prevention

Phishing is when fraudsters attempt to get access to sensitive information from a business or individual. They can be looking for passwords, bank accounts, or other protected information. To prevent falling victim to phishing scams, [...]

Ransomware – A Threat to Every Business

Ransomware has been in the news a lot these last few weeks. Victims of ransomware have their systems hacked and their data locked, held “ransom” until a payment is made. Colonial Pipeline, JBS, Sol Oriens, [...]

Tax Scam Awareness

With tax season upon us, it’s a good time to review the sorts of scams fraudsters use to target your sensitive information, and what you can do to prevent falling victim. Fraudsters will often pretend [...]